General Plan Overview

Updates to the City’s General Plan normally occur every ten (10) years unless the City experiences rapid growth, then an update is needed before the 10th year.  The General Plan is a document that serves as a guide for the City on how land should be developed in the future. Land uses are designated within the General Plan for the City of Casa Grande’s future growth. This service area in the Planning and Development Department provides staffing and technical support during the City’s effort to update the General Plan.

General Plan Map

City of Casa Grande General Plan 2020 

What is a Major Amendment to the General Plan?

A major amendment to the City’s General Plan is any proposal that would result in a change to the Land Use Plan Map that would substantially alter the planned mixture or balance of uses. The criterion for determining whether or not a proposed amendment to the general plan is a major amendment is based upon the relative size and amount of change proposed in addition to its relationship with surrounding land uses and its impact upon major public infrastructure.

Major Amendments will involve an expanded public review process. State law limits local government agencies to one time per calendar year to review major amendments to the general plan.

The term amendments shall apply to both text and map revisions.

Amendment Schedule

2019 Requested Major General Plan Amendments