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2030 Casa Grande General Plan

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2030 General Plan Publicity Pamphlet

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The Casa Grande General Plan is required, by state law, to be updated once every ten (10) years.

The process of updating the current 2020 General Plan to create the new 2030 General Plan is almost complete. The new General Plan 2030 does not deviate significantly from the direction set by the current General Plan. However, there are some refinements, namely:

  • Identified the amount of water that will be needed to support anticipated growth and determining whether there are adequate water resources to support projected growth and development.
  • Created a new Downtown land use category that will allow new medium and high-density residential development to occur as a tool to energize and promote economic activity in the downtown area.
  • Increased the areas that are classified as Community Corridor allowing for a greater mixing of the commercial, service, and multi-family residential developments along major street corridors.
  • Provided for additional opportunity to construct medium density residential developments in the Neighborhoods land use category.
  • Encouraged the development of vacant land that already has street/utility infrastructure and city services prior to expanding development into areas that do not have existing infrastructure and services readily available.

The input that was provided by the public, during public workshops and presentations, as well as the input provided by the Technical Advisory Committee and Community Steering Forum, was critical in the formulation of the new 2030 General Plan.

Once the City Council votes on the 2030 General Plan it will be set for a public vote by the residents of the City to be held on May 18, 2021.


As of May 20, 2021, below are the Election Results for Proposition 456 – Casa Grande 2030 General Plan. City Council accepted the election results on June 7, 2021, at their regular meeting.

YES 5,558
NO 848