Team Policing

Team Policing connects Officers with the stakeholders in their assigned geographical area. Through quarterly meetings and regular outreach, these Teams work together to identify issues and devise solutions. This is facilitated through a Beat Team platform. Beat Teams are comprised of all officers assigned to a particular beat even though they work on different squads at different times throughout the week. For example, the Adam Team includes Adam Beat officers from Day-shift, Swing-shift, Day-Relief, Graveyards, and Grave-Relief.

Working together we can make a difference!

In addition to quarterly community meetings, Team Policing involves other services like:

  • Neighborhood Watch Meetings
  • Business Watch Meetings
  • Safety and Security Presentations
  • Security Inspections
  • One-on-One Discussions, and More!

Patrol Beats

Team Police District MapThe City of Casa Grande is divided into 5 patrol beats, which are monitored by officers who work one of five shifts over the course of a year. Officers on each shift are assigned to one of these beats for that year. Annual beat and shift assignments facilitate greater bonding between officers, the areas they work, and the community they serve, building on the organization's community policing foundation.

You can see what Beat you live in and contact your respective Beat Officers by clicking on the map.

Beat Meetings

Beat Teams meet quarterly to identify and discuss new or ongoing problems and resolutions within the beat they are assigned. Team Policing enhances department problem-solving efforts by working collectively with community stakeholders to identify problems and develop solutions. Since the late 1980s, the Casa Grande Police Department has welcomed community policing, a progressive law enforcement model where police and community members work together to identify and solve problems. All members of the community are invited to participate in these open meetings.

Get Involved or Contact Us

Do you want to have a meeting for your neighborhood or business? Do you want to share information, discuss an ongoing issue, or work together on a solution? If so, please come to a meeting or reach out to your Team Sergeant.

If residents have a concern they would like to share with their Team, they can email the Casa Grande Police Department to ensure their topic is placed on an upcoming meeting agenda. 

Email Your Team Sergeant

If you do not feel you are getting the appropriate response from your Team Sergeant, please contact Lieutenant Chris Palmer.

You can also email questions and/or concerns if you are unsure which Beat you live in. Please do not utilize this email to report an emergency or anything requiring an immediate response by a Patrol Officer. If you have an emergency, call 911. For non-emergency reporting of crime, call 520-421-8700, ext. 7.