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City Utilities

The Financial Services Division prepares billings for all city services customers including wastewater, sanitation, irrigation, landfill, airport leases, business licenses, other miscellaneous services, and the Copper Mountain Water Company.

Payment Methods

  • Pay your bill online
  • Pay over the phone - Payments can be made using Visa, MasterCard or E-check by calling our bi-lingual 24/7 call center at 855-748-1071. Please have the account number and service address information available for verification.
  • USPS Mail - Bills sent out to all customers contain a section to be torn off. Return this section with your payment of check or money order to the preprinted address using the provided return envelope.
  • Automatic Deduction - Payments can automatically be deducted from your checking account using our Auto-Draft system. Payments are deducted on or around the 20th of each month. To start taking advantage of the convenience of automatic payments, print and complete the Auto-Draft Form (PDF) and send it to us, along with a voided check from the bank account of your choice. The Auto-Draft form and voided check can be sent via mail, email, or fax number 520-421-8603. Mail the form to:
    • City of Casa Grande
      Attn: Finance/Auto-Draft
      510 E Florence Boulevard
      Casa Grande, AZ 85122

Casa Grande City Court Payments

You can make payments in person at the Casa Grande City Court Monday through Friday up to 4:30 pm. The Court accepts payments in cash, money order, cashier's check, Visa, and MasterCard.

Pay a Fine Online or Bond Payment Plans online.

You can also leave your payment in the form of a money order or cashier's check in the Court's dropbox, located on the wall to the right of the main entrance to the Casa Grande City Court. Please include Defendant's name and case number on the payment. Do not leave personal checks or cash in dropbox.

You can mail your payment to the Court in the form of a money order or cashier's check to the following address:

Casa Grande City Court
375 E 9th Street
Casa Grande, AZ 85122

Please include Defendant's name and case number on any payment by mail. Do not mail personal checks or cash to the Court. If you would like a receipt for your payment by mail, you must include a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your payment, and the receipt will be remitted to you by mail.

If you are required to pay fines, penalties, fees, or other financial obligations as a result of a judgment of this court and you are unable to pay, bring this to the attention of court staff or the judge as payments over time or other alternatives may be available. Do not ignore your responsibility to pay, as this may result in additional penalties and costs to you. For more information, contact the court.

Si se le requiere pagar multas, penalidades, tarifas u otras obligaciones económicas como resultado de esta denuncia y no puede pagar, dígaselo a los empleados del tribunal o al juez porque es posible que haya otras alternativas, entre ellas pagar a plazos. No ignore su responsabilidad de pagar, porque esto puede resultar en añadir otras penalidades y costos para usted. Para más información, contacte al tribunal.

Language services are available for non-English speaking persons.

Ofrecemos servicios de interpretación y traducción para las personas que no hablan inglés.