373 E Val Vista Boulevard
Casa Grande, AZ 85122



Link: Police Page


Non-Emergency Line: 520-421-8700
Monday through Friday
8 am to 5 pm

Police Department

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Anderson, Thomas Police Officer / Public Information 520-421-8711, ext. 6760  
Apodaca, Angela Management Analyst      
Aros, Michelle Police Aide    
Boes, Charlieann Kennel Assistant    
Bonsall, Jacob Police Officer    
Calkins, Audra Public Safety Records Clerk    
Campa-Molina, Jonathan Police Officer      
Cardita, Hayden Park Ranger    
Cardita, Jeff Police Sergeant 520-421-8700 x 6029  
Carter, Matthew Police Sergeant    
Chappell, Doka Police Officer    
Cornwall, Michael Part-Time Kennel Assistant      
Cottrell, Joseph Animal Control Supervisor    
Dalpiaz, Emily Public Safety Dispatcher    
Davis, Alicia Public Safety Dispatcher    
De La Cerda, Ryan Police Aide      
De Leon, Amy Police Officer    
Deitering, Chad Police Officer    
Deleon, Juan Police Sergeant    
DeLuca, Dino Public Safety Dispatcher    
Dunham, Jr., Timothy Police Corporal    
Duran, Sr., Matthew Police Officer    
Edwards, Robert Community Services Officer    
Egan, Andrew Police Sergeant    
Elenes, Linda Public Safety Dispatcher    
Elliott, Nicholas Police Officer    
Ellsworth, Theresa Police Officer    
Espino, Jesus Police Officer    
Estrada, Jason Police Officer    
Flowers, Brandon Police Officer      
Flynn, Galen CGPD Reserve    
Fox, Christopher Police Officer    
Gant, Breann Police Officer    
Garcia, Brandon Police Officer    
Garcia, Phillip Police Officer    
Gearhart, Jack Police Officer    
Giuffre, Trey Police Recruit      
Gomez, James Police Officer    
Gragg, Brian CGPD Reserves    
Gray, Stephen Police Officer    
Grijalva, Alfred Reserve Officer 520-421-8711, ext. 6370  
Guerena, Alicia Public Safety Clerk    
Gutierrez, Carlos Police Officer    
Hansen, Cathren Public Safety Dispatcher    
Harper, Matthew Police Property Technician      
Horst, Sean Police Officer    
Jackson, Kile Police Sergeant    
Jackson, Robert Police Corporal    
Johnson, Davin Animal Control Officer      
Keck, Austin Police Officer    
Kieser, Curtis Police Officer    
Laguna, Luis Police Officer    
Lawson, John Police Officer    
Leos, Angel Deputy Chief    
Lloyd, Wendy Police Volunteer Coordinator 520-421-8711, ext. 6140  
Lohr, Hanna Animal Control Officer    
Lujan, Efren Reserve Police Officer    
Marcsisak, Marcsisak Police Identification Technician      
Martinez, Bryan Police Sergeant    
Martinez, Jacob Police Officer    
McCabe, Amie Public Safety Clerk    
McCabe, Mark Police Sergeant    
McCloskey, Brian Police Officer    
McCrory, Mark Police Chief    
McDermott, Anthony Police Corporal    
McKean, Jeffery Police Sergeant    
Mejia, Julissa Police Officer      
Mejia, Roger Community Services Officer    
Mendez, Christopher Police Officer      
Miller, Tyler Police Officer    
Moe, Erik Police Officer    
Molozhaviy, Kareena Public Safety Communications Supervisor    
Montano, Francisco Police Officer      
Mora, Aaron Police Officer    
Moser, Brittany Police Officer      
Naranjo, Cody Police Recruit      
Nash, Colten Police Officer    
O’Brien, Steven Police Officer    
Palmer, Chris Lieutenant 520-421-8711, ext. 6580  
Parra, Joshua Police Officer    
Pena, Joseph Community Services Officer    
Perry, Matthew Police Corporal    
Peters, Derek Police Officer    
Pitman, Rachel Community Services Officer    
Price, Robert Police Lieutenant    
Raisis, Caren Public Safety Records Clerk    
Ramirez, Brian Deputy Police Chief    
Ramirez, Jacob Police Officer      
Reed, Scott Police Officer    
Rhinesmith, Cindy Administrative Assistant      
Riley III, Cornelius Police Transport Officer    
Robinson, Jacob Police Sergeant    
Ruiz, Chelsi Police Officer      
Rush, Richard Police Sergeant    
Salinas, Ramon Police Officer    
Samuel, Joshua Police Recruit      
Sanders, Mary Public Safety Communications Supervisor    
Sanger, David Police Officer      
Shanafelt, Cerise Animal Control Supervisor    
Scheurn, Thomas Police Officer      
Schmitz, Kimbrilee Public Safety Records Supervisor    
Schmitz, Steven Police Officer    
Settle, Robin Public Safety Dispatcher    
Shamblin, Traci Public Safety Dispatcher      
Short, Kyle Police Officer    
Sjerven, Sarah Public Safety Dispatcher    
Sjerven, Scott Police Lieutenant    
Smets, Austin Police Officer      
Smith, Michael Police Officer    
Teitelbaum, Alexander Police Officer    
Thornton, Jeffery Police Officer    
Torres, Fidel Public Safety Clerk    
Tracy, Scott Police Officer    
Valentino, Paul Police Officer    
Valenzuela, Stephanie Police Identification Technician    
Vassell, Richard Police Officer    
Wagner, Andrew Police Officer      
Walsh, Brian Police Officer    
Western, Christopher Police Officer    
Wheeler, Christopher Police Officer    
Wheeler, Matthew Police Sergeant      
Wilcox, Andrew Police Officer      
Wilhite, Mark Public Safety Communications Supervisor    
Wilson, Michael Police Officer    
Winston, Reginald CGPD Reserve    
Ybarra, Jeremy Police Officer    
Zadareky, Caleb Police Officer    
Division, Records      

Animal Care and Adoption Center 

202 E First Avenue
Casa Grande, AZ 85122


Link: Animal Control Page


Monday through Friday
7:30 am to 4:30 pm

Team Policing 

Please do not utilize this email address to report an emergency or anything requiring an immediate response by a Patrol Officer. If you have an emergency, call 911. For non-emergency reporting of crime, call 520-421-8700, ext. 7.