Are inflatables or vendors allowed in the parks?

Contact Community Services for an approved list of vendors.

  • Personally owned inflatables are not permitted in City parks.
  • Park users must use a vendor that meets City requirements (City business license and certificate of liability insurance). Park users must notify the Parks and Recreation Office at least a week prior to the reservation date.
  • No water. Inflatables that require water such as slip and slides, dunk tanks, water tags, water balloons, etc. are not permitted.
  • Autos, trucks, vans, or other motorized vehicles may not be driven in/on or parked in any off-the-road area (City Ordinance 12.04.160).
  • There shall be no sale of any kind of goods in the park without prior approval from the Community Services Director and business authorization obtained from the City. In addition, the Community Services Director may require additional information such as Certificate of Liability Insurance, additional deposits, etc. (City Ordinance 12.04.020).

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