Why is the city suspending the recycling program?

The cost of recycling programs for municipalities has increased substantially after China, the largest buyer of recycled materials, announced it was limiting imports due to environmental concerns. You can read more about the effect China's new policy is having on the U.S. recycling market here and here. As a result, it's becoming too expensive to collect, transport, and process recycled materials that have little or no market value.

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1. While the program is suspended, are there other locations where I can take recyclable materials?
2. Will the recycling program be reinstated?
3. What do I do with my blue recycling bins once recycling is suspended?
4. If we kept the recycling program, how much more would I pay?
5. How many customers use the recycling program?
6. How much more would the recycling program cost the city?
7. Why is the city suspending the recycling program?
8. When will the program be suspended?
9. What is the status of the city’s recycling program?