What are your current fuel prices?

Please refer to AirNav for updated fuel prices.

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1. Is there a restaurant on the airfield?
2. Is there a flight school on the airfield?
3. Are there plane maintenance services on the airfield?
4. Does the airport have a negotiated rate with any hotels in Casa Grande?
5. Are there any hotels in Casa Grande who provide shuttle service?
6. Does the airport have rental cars?
7. How do I set up after-hours services, and is there a fee?
8. What is the after-hours phone number?
9. Can I reach Flight Service from the ground?
10. Does the airport have ramp parking or overnight fees?
11. Does the airport have landing fees?
12. What is the length of your runway?
13. What are your current fuel prices?
14. Do you have a crew car or taxi services?
15. Why fly CGZ?