What City Codes address dumping in floodplains and waterways?

No Dumping SignsCity Code 8.08.190 Burning, dumping unlawful.

No person shall burn, incinerate, bury, dump, collect, remove or in any other manner dispose of rubbish, garbage, green waste, or waste, except with special permit, within the limits of the City. No person shall throw, discard or deposit any refuse or waste in or upon any street, alley, sidewalk or vacant ground, or in or upon any canal, irrigation ditch, drainage ditch or other watercourse.

City Code 8.12.030 Public nuisances defined.

A.2. Unlawfully interferes with, obstructs or tends to obstruct or renders dangerous the free passage or use, in the customary manner, of any stream, public park, parkway, square, sidewalk, street or highway in the City, and is no less a nuisance because the extent of the annoyance or damage inflicted is unequal.

City Code 12.04.100 Dumping of refuse and trash prohibited.

No person in a park shall bring in trash from other areas for the purpose of deposit in the park and no person shall dump, deposit, or leave any beverage containers, broken beverage containers, ashes, paper, boxes, cans, dirt, rubbish, waste, garbage or refuse, or other trash. No such refuse or trash shall be placed in any waters in or contiguous to any park, or left anywhere on the grounds thereof, but shall be placed in the proper receptacles where these are provided; where receptacles are not so provided, all such rubbish or waste shall be carried away from the park by the person responsible for its presence and properly disposed of elsewhere.

City Code 16.16.280. D. Drainage, storm sewers and retention basins - General requirements.

D. Floodway areas shall be preserved from any and all destruction or damage resulting from clearing, grading, or dumping of earth, waste material, or stumps, except at the discretion of the City Council.

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1. What City Codes address dumping in floodplains and waterways?
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