Chops Lab/Border Collie Mix
Chops-4-year-old male neutered Lab/Border collie mix, Black, and White
CrookieStaff Terrier Brindle
Crookie-7-month-old female, Am. Staff Terrier Brindle and white
TeapotPit bull mix
Teapot-3-month-old female pit bull mix, Brindle
FancyCattledog mix
Fancy- 8-month-old female, Cattle dog mix Chocolate, and White
  • Seven month old tricolored female Cattle Dog mix named Pepe La Pew
  • Two year old white female Chihuahua mix dog named Reylyene
  • Eleven month old brown and white male Labrador mix named Sid
  • Four month old black female Labrador mix dog named Ziggy
Jericho- 10-week old male, DLH gray and black tiger
SavannahQueensland heeler mix
Savannah- 6-month-old female, Queensland heeler mix, red and white
StowawayAustralian cattle dog
Stowaway-1-year-old male Australian cattle dog Blue Merle.
Dreamsicle- 10-week old male, DLH light orange, and white
  • Ten month old white and brown male Beagle mix named BB
  • One year old brown brindke and white female Pit Bull mix dog named Cinnabon
  • One year old black brindle and white female Border Collie mix dog named Francine
  • One year old black brindle and white female Border Collie mix dog named Francine
  • 5 month old brown female Labrador mix named Hushpuppy
12-14 weeks old
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and even more KittensDLH
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