Casa Grande Fire Department Responds to Industrial Fire

At approximately 1349 on Sunday, June 24, Casa Grande Fire Department crews responded to a fire at the Prindle Drum Company, located at 1391 N. V I P Boulevard.

Upon arrival, crews assessed the fire and responded by surrounding the site, protecting exposure to nearby structures, and monitored the scene as the fire burned itself out. At times, the smoke plume was reported to go as high as 800-1000 feet in the air. At approximately 1730, the majority of the flames had subsided and one unit remained on-site to monitor the scene.

While the traffic and civilians were cleared off of V I P Boulevard during the incident to allow for crew access, no mandatory evacuations of nearby homes or businesses took place. The Casa Grande Police Department did assist in the voluntary evacuation of six to ten homes near the scene as a precautionary measure. Evacuated residents were able to re-enter their homes by 1730. There are no remaining safety or health concerns for nearby residents, and no injuries were reported.

The initial investigation conducted by the Casa Grande Fire Department indicated that the fire originated in an area of a paint booth at the facility, where it quickly enveloped the yard and spread to the north edge of the property.

Prindle Drum Company is a business that reconditions and refurbishes barrels. Barrels typically arrive at the facility empty where they are cleaned out, reconditioned, painted, and sold. Some materials on site that were exposed to the fire include propane tanks, oil based paint, and trace amounts of chemicals used to neutralize barrel contents.

The Casa Grande Fire Department wishes to express its gratitude to the many neighboring communities and organizations that assisted in responding to the incident. These include Casa Grande Police Department, City of Maricopa Fire/Medical Department, Eloy Fire District, Gila River Fire, Arizona City Fire District, and AMR Central Arizona who was on standby for any medical emergencies.

The cause of the fire remains undetermined at this time.