Live ATC Infrastructure Equipment

The Live ATC Infrastructure equipment was donated by CAE-Oxford Aviation Academy. Essentially what this system provides is the ability to live stream audio of aviation radio transmissions within the various airspace frequencies surrounding Casa Grande. The radio feed is then stored in an online database within the website and accessible for up to thirty [...]


Multi-Sector General Permit

The City of Casa Grande Municipal Airport holds a Multi-Sector General Permit (MSGP) which covers the entire facility. This permit is intended to prevent potential contaminants from being discharged to stormwater runoff. In accordance with the MSGP, the City has created and implemented a Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) to provide guidance to minimize risks [...]


Runway and Approaches

Communications/Navigation CTAF/UNICOM:122.7 WX/AWOS-3:132.175 (520)836-3392 VOR:TFD 114.80 APCH/DEP: ABQ ARTCC 125.4/269.3 Airport: (520)426-3616 Runway The existing Runway 05-23 is 5,200 feet in length and 100 feet wide. Beginning at the Runway 5 threshold, the runway slopes uphill from an elevation of 1445 to an elevation of 1462 at the runway 23 threshold. This location is the [...]

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