CGFD – Press Release COVID-19

Updated 911 Procedures for the Covid19/Corona Virus Casa Grande, AZ (March 18, 2020)- Important notice to community members from the Casa Grande Fire Department: The City of Casa Grande Fire Department is operating at normal capacity and has not had or expect to have any interruptions or limitations in our ability to deliver Emergency Medical [...]


Station Tours

Station Tours If you would like to schedule a tour, please call the Fire Prevention Officer: 520-421-8777 ext. 5980  or email We can accommodate a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 24 people in a group tour. All ages are welcome.  Children groups must be accompanied by at least 2 adults Two-Week advance notice [...]



Casa Grande Fire Department is the proud home of Explorer Post 911 Fire Hose Training at the Academy As part of the ongoing training for Explorers, members participated in classroom and hands-on hose evolutions. Much like regular firefighter training, explorers were exposed to deploying hose of differing sizes and lengths as well as properly loading [...]



Volunteers An essential component of the Fire Department’s operations are the volunteers.  They provide day-to-day administrative services, as well as emergency incident support. Examples of volunteer duties include: Public education School presentations Office support Delivery and pick up of supplies and equipment Assist with hydration and food supplies for firefighting personnel at fires and other extended [...]


Disaster Preparedness for Business

Ready Your Business   Dear Business Professionals: Recent events have proven the value of a strong and disaster-resilient community. Individuals, families, and businesses have been seen working together to recover from these events. “Ready Your Business” is a tool for building a disaster-resistant business community. We have identified 12-Points for Success, that are key to [...]


Smoke Alarm Safety

About Your Smoke Alarm A smoke alarm is a device that detects smoke and sounds an alarm to alert people nearby that there is a potential fire. All smoke alarms are pretty much similar in their function, but may vary slightly by manufacturer. Installation Because smoke rises, alarms should be mounted on the ceiling. To [...]


Pool Safety

To register for CPR classes, visit our CPR page. Block Make sure your pool or spa has an effective barrier, such as a fence to help guard against unauthorized access. Your pool or spa should have a barrier regardless of whether they are covered. Door and windows leading to the pool areas should be locked. [...]

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