City Crime Map

*PLEASE NOTE: Addresses shown are approximations only, actual incidents may or may not have occurred specifically where shown* How to use the map The map is an interactive map. Use the plus and minus buttons on the right-hand side to zoom in and out. Simply grab the map with your mouse to move around. Click on the [...]


Helpful Information for Pet Owners

Missing Cats or Dogs Contact the Animal Control Department as soon as possible and leave your name, address, home phone number, work phone number, and a description of your animal. Remember, you are your pet’s best friend. Provide identification. If your pet ever does get loose, the license can help ensure a safe return. A [...]


Crime Free Multi Housing

Learn Crime Free Leasing Principles Policy The Casa Grande Police Department will assist interested multi-housing rental property owners/managers in establishing programs for keeping illegal activity our of their rental property. The program demonstrates a good faith effort by property owners and managers to address community security concerns and educate residents about crime prevention. The program [...]