The City of Casa Grande Sanitation Division will collect expired Christmas trees for recycling at six (6) Tree-Cycle sites located throughout the City. Tree-Cycle containers will be made available to the public from December 23rd through January 10th.  All collection containers will be marked with signs labeled “Christmas Tree Recycling”.

Tree-cycle drop-off locations:

  • Villago Park: 3368 N. Pinal Ave. (Northeast corner of parking lot)
  • Ed Hooper Rodeo Park: 2525 N. Pinal Ave. (Northeast corner of Pinal Ave. and Rodeo Rd.)
  • Rotary Park: 2220 N. Trekell Rd. (South end of park parking lot)
  • Kortsen Rd. and Thornton Rd. (Northwest corner)
  • Carr McNatt Park: 1115 N. Brown Ave. (Southwest parking lot of Casa Grande Ave. and 10th St)
  • Casa Grande Landfill: 5200 S. Chui Chu Rd. (Please inform gate attendant that you have a Christmas tree to recycle and you will be directed to the drop-off location onsite).
  • Map of Locations


*­­*NOTE** Please remember to remove nails, tinsel, tree stands, lights and decorations before recycling. Wreaths (with décor left on them) and artificial trees cannot be recycled. These items need to be placed in the regular trash container for disposal.

Christmas trees will be chipped at the landfill (5200 S. Chui Chu Rd.) and made available to the public to use as mulch for no fee.  Residents requesting to receive the mulch are requested to bring necessary tools to load and haul the tree chippings.