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City Attorney2020-12-07T20:57:29-07:00

City Attorney

The office of the City Attorney is established by Article IV, Section 4 of the Casa Grande City Charter. The City Attorney serves as the chief legal advisor to the Mayor and Council in their official capacity, as well as to the City’s departments and employees in matters directly related to their official powers and duties. The City Attorney reports to and is appointed by the City Council.

City Attorney’s Office Mission Statement

The mission of the City Attorney’s Office is to timely, qualitatively and proactively represent and advise the City of Casa Grande on all legal matters so that the City can operate in the best interests of its citizens. In its prosecutorial function, the mission of the City Attorney’s Office is to timely and justly prosecute criminal misdemeanors and ordinance violations, which occur within the City limits.

Main Functions

Civil: In its civil function, the City Attorney’s Office focuses on issues relating to local governmental law. The office partners with and advises City departments in several areas, including zoning and land use law, open meetings law compliance, public records law, real estate matters, employment, and administrative law. The office assists in the negotiation of certain agreements and is responsible for drafting or reviewing legal documents for the City, including Resolutions and Ordinances presented to the City Council for consideration, contracts, intergovernmental agreements, and other contracts the City is a party to.

Prosecution: The City Attorney’s Office serves as the chief prosecution agency for misdemeanor offenses occurring within the City of Casa Grande. The City Prosecutor handles many misdemeanors, such as criminal damage, shoplifting and theft, as well as DUI and domestic violence offenses. The Prosecutor also can prosecute violations of City Code violations as well as any other offense deemed a misdemeanor under Arizona law.

Victim’s Rights: The City Attorney’s Office provides a wide array of victim advocacy and victim’s rights services. In addition to providing victim notification services pursuant to Arizona law, the City’s Victim’s Rights Advocate provides a number of programs designed to assist and educate victims of crime and provides professional advocacy services for those victims.

Victims’ Rights Division

The mission of the Victims’ Rights division is to provide assistance, support, and protection to victims and their families and to educate them about Domestic Violence and the Criminal Justice Process.

The Victims’ Rights division is dedicated to providing victims with the support and services they need to have a powerful voice in seeking justice and regaining their lives.

Available Services and Programs

  • Assist victims with information about their case, court proceedings and their rights as a victim.
  • Educate victims about domestic violence and offer safety planning.
  • Assist victims with filing requests for Orders of Protection or Injunctions Against Harassment.
  • Assist victims with filing claims for restitution and Victim Compensation.
  • Escort victims to court-related proceedings and provide victims with case status information.
  • Recruit volunteers and provide training to assist in providing assistance and services to victims.
  • Refer victims to community resources for assistance.
I want to continue a court date. How can I do that?2017-08-21T17:43:20-07:00

Continuances of a court date can only be granted by the City Court. You must file a motion with the Court prior to your Court date and in enough time that the Court has time to review and rule on the motion. You may contact the Court with any questions at 520-421-8675 or some forms and information may be found by clicking here.

I believe I am a victim of a criminal offense. How do I report the offense?2017-03-05T05:19:18-07:00

Investigations of suspected criminal conduct are handled by the Casa Grande Police Department. You may report all suspected criminal behavior to the Police Departments non-emergency number at 520-421-8700. In the event of an emergency or a life threatening situation please dial 9-1-1 immediately.

Where can I find a copy of a contract, resolution, or ordinance?2017-08-21T17:43:56-07:00

The City Clerk’s office maintains records of all City resolutions, ordinances, and contracts.

Where can I view a copy of the laws of the State of Arizona?2017-07-05T18:15:49-07:00

The laws of the State of Arizona are maintained in the Arizona Revised Statutes and may be found by clicking here.

I am a victim of a crime. How can I get information about my rights?2017-08-21T15:45:58-07:00

Victims can contact the City Attorney’s Office and ask to speak to the victim’s rights division with questions about or to obtain forms relating to victim’s rights. For additional information on victim’s rights, please click here.

Where can I go to make a public records request?2017-08-21T17:45:12-07:00

The Casa Grande City Clerk can provide information concerning the City’s public records program and formal requests for public records should be directed to the City Clerk. Request for inspection or copies of public records shall be made by filling out a City of Casa Grande Request for Public Records form. Forms should be submitted to the City Clerk’s office by email, fax, or mail.

Where can I find the City of Casa Grande Municipal Code?2020-12-07T20:39:46-07:00

The Casa Grande Municipal Code is available via the QuickLink on the footer of this website or may be found by clicking here.

How can I file a complaint against a business I believe committed an unlawful practice?2017-07-05T18:18:54-07:00

Allegations of consumer fraud can be directed to the Arizona Attorney General’s Consumer Fraud division at

Does the City Attorney’s Office give legal advice or represent private citizens?2017-07-05T18:20:07-07:00

No. Attorneys in the City Attorney’s Office represent the City of Casa Grande’s elected officials, departments, boards and commissions, and employees with respect to official City business. Our office does not and cannot represent individuals in private legal matters, cannot provide legal advice to individuals, nor do we provide references to private attorneys. You may be able to find references to attorneys on the Arizona State Bar Association’s website at

City Attorney News and Updates

City Code of Ordinances
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