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Whether you have lived in Casa Grande all your life or recently moved here, you may have questions about why and how the City does what it does. Find out what it takes to build roads and parks, keep the community safe, and plan for future growth. Through department presentations, tours, and more, the Leadership Academy will give you a special look inside Casa Grande.

This unique program is a focused, in-depth look at the City and its operations in eight sessions spread over approximately 8 weeks. Classes are open to Casa Grande residents 18 and older.

You may be interested in the Leadership Academy if you are:

  • Interested in your City and community and want to learn more.
  • Involved in the community or curious how the City works.
  • New to Casa Grande or have lived here for a long time.
  • Pay taxes and want to know how that money is being spent.
  • Like to meet new, interesting people.
  • Want to peek behind the scenes.

Registration for the 2018 Leadership Academy is now open!

2018 Leadership Academy Application

2018 Leadership Academy Class Schedule

For questions or more information, contact Public Information Officer Kayla Fulmer at (520) 421-8627.