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Copper Mountain Ranch Water Company2021-06-24T14:07:36-07:00

Copper Mountain Ranch Water Company

The Copper Mountain Ranch Water Company provides water service to customers in the Stanfield/Maricopa area. The mission of the Copper Mountain Ranch Water Company is to provide and maintain a water system that meets or exceeds all Federal and local regulations, and to maintain an efficient water system through scheduled inspections that adequately serve its customers.  Hours of operation are Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.


Where can I get information about the quality of my water in the CMR service area?2018-01-23T15:13:29-07:00

All water reports for Copper Mountain Ranch water company will be in the documents tab here.

How do I pay or make changes to my CMR water bill?2017-08-24T15:25:50-07:00

Please contact the Finance Department at (520) 421-8601.

I have a water leak, who do I report it to?2019-08-01T08:39:35-07:00

If you are located in the Casa Grande service area it is likely that you have service through Arizona Water Company, please contact them at (520) 836-8785.

If you have Copper Mountain Ranch Water Company please contact Public Works at (520) 421-8625 or email or use our online system to report an issue.

Who do I contact for Copper Mountain Ranch Water Company?2017-08-24T15:21:14-07:00
  • For service issues please call (520) 421-8625
  • For after Hours Water Issues (520) 421-8700
  • For billing please contact the Finance Department at (520) 421-8601
How do I sign up to receive CMR water service?2017-08-24T15:19:57-07:00

Please contact the Finance department to set up your billing account.

Report an Issue

Service Issues
(520) 421-8625

Sign Up for Water Service
(520) 421-8601

After Hours Water Issues
(520) 421-8700

To find more contact info, visit the Directory Page.

Monday – Friday
8:00 am – 5:00 pm

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