Learn Crime Free Leasing Principles


The Casa Grande Police Department will assist interested multi-housing rental property owners/managers in establishing programs for keeping illegal activity our of their rental property. The program demonstrates a good faith effort by property owners and managers to address community security concerns and educate residents about crime prevention. The program offers the following benefits:

*Increased property value for owners.

*Fewer vacant apartment units.

*Less property damage.

*Lower maintenance and operating expenses.

*Stronger resident retention with less tenant turnover.

*Better relations with both residents and the surrounding neighborhood.

*Information on how code compliance can protect landlord rights.

*Tips to strengthen rental agreements.

*Crisis resolution and the eviction process.

*Maintaining a fire safe environment.

*Developing a proactive police relationship.


Rental property owners/managers will be directed to contact the program coordinator, Officer Thomas Anderson.

The interested property owners/managers will be briefed on the program which consists of an eight-hour seminar split into two four-hour sessions and a police inspection of the property from a security viewpoint. The police security inspection includes dead bolt locks, view holes in the doors, window security latches, landscaping to minimize criminal hiding areas, and proper outdoor lighting. It also includes setting up a Neighborhood Watch Program and encouraging resident involvement.

After the owner/manager has completed all three phases of the program, the police department will certify the complex as a member of the CFMHP and issue a certificate, which may be renewed annually. This certification entitles the owner/manager to display exterior signs indicating their participation in the police-endorsed activity. Managers may also use the program logo on all of their advertising, stationary, and business cards.

Any interested rental property owners or managers who may want further information on the Crime Free Multi-Housing Program can contact Officer Thomas Anderson at (520)421-8700 or Officer Anderson’s voice mail at 421-8711 Ext.6760.

Crime Free Lease Addendum
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