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Andrew Wilcox

Police Officer Police

Danny Wiles

Cart Range Attendant Community Services

Mark Wilhite

Public Safety Communications Supervisor Communications

Richard Wilkie

Economic Development Director City Manager’s Office

Clyde Wilkinson

Heavy Equipment Operator – Streets Public Works

Beatrice Williams

Permit Technician Planning & Development

Bobby Williams

Firefighter Fire

David Williams

Lead Equipment Mechanic Public Works

Michael Wilson

Police Officer Police

Reginald Winston

Deputy Police Chief Police Department

Michael Withrow

Maintenance Worker – Parks Community Services

Ryan Witte

Lead Equipment Mechanic Public Works Department Work Phone: 520-421-8615

Michael Wobser

Fire Marshal Fire Department

Ana Woodward

Engineering Technician Planning & Development Department

David Woodward

Fire Captain Fire

Kyle Wright

Fire Engineer Fire


Jeremy Ybarra

Police Officer Police

Trinity York

Lifeguard III Community Services

Benjamin Young

Firefighter Fire

Zeondrae Young

Police Aide Police