Ready Your Business


Dear Business Professionals:

Recent events have proven the value of a strong and disaster-resilient community. Individuals, families, and businesses have been seen working together to recover from these events.

Ready Your Business” is a tool for building a disaster-resistant business community. We have identified 12-Points for Success, that are key to Business Continuity Planning. Today’s workshop is a beginning to help guide the planner through the basic elements of business continuity planning, preparing them for developing their business’ customized plan.

Preparedness is an integrated process that includes government agencies from all levels, small, medium and large businesses, industry, our educational facilities and our financial institutions to name a few. It should be comprehensive in nature including the four phases of preparedness: mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery.

The “Ready Your Business” planning process can be achieved within a calendar year. The information contained within this workbook will provide a step-by-step guide to meeting your individual goals.

Additional workshops are being scheduled to support and assist your planning efforts. We stand ready to work with you to meet our collective goal of “Committed to our Community.”

Scott R. Miller, Fire Chief
City of Casa Grande Fire Department
Co-Chair Casa Grande Business Ready Partnership

Download the Ready Your Business Disaster Preparedness for Business Document in PDF