The Casa Grande Youth Commission began work on the Garden of Sunshine Youth Memorial Garden on October 13, after nearly a year of planning.

The Garden of Sunshine Memorial Garden is a project led by the Casa Grande Youth Commission. The name was chosen after a young man, Zack “Sunshine” Eide, along with his sister Katie, who were both killed in a tragic crash during a massive dust storm in 2009.

The Commission has been raising funds and working on details of the garden so that is will be reflective of personal memories as well as a celebration of life. The memorial wall is open to any family who has lost a child between the ages of 0-18 years who has a Casa Grande connection.

The Youth Commission hopes to continue receiving such enthusiastic support for the project as it stands as a tribute to members of the Casa Grande community who have passed away as children or teenagers.

The Casa Grande Youth Commission is a group of teens appointed by the mayor who represent the interests of Casa Grande’s youth. The Commission is involved with leadership and community service for the city.