Government Property Lease Excise Tax Reporting (GPLET)

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Legend Key

Field Name Description
APN Assessor Parcel Number
Property Name Common name for improvements
Situs Address Property Address
Property Type Property Type (office, industrial, medical)
Jurisdiction Jurisdiction property is located
Jurisdiction Contact Name Name of Person to contact at Jurisdiction
Jurisdiction Contact Title Title of Person to contact at Jurisdiction
Jurisdiction Contact Phone       . Jurisdiction Contact Phone Number
Jurisdiction Contact Email Jurisdiction Contact Email
Jurisdiction’s Ref # Jurisdiction’s internal tracking number
Leasee Address Tenant Address (Corp)
Leasee Name Tenant Name (Corp)
Date Signed Date Lease Signed
Date COO Date of Certificate of Occupancy issued
Date End Date Lease Terminates
GPLET Abatement Is property abated for a stated time period from paying excise tax? (Y or N)
Abatement Term Date Length of time for excise tax abatement
Recordation # County Recordation Number if lease is recorded
Recordation Type County Recordation Document Type