The department processes various types of land use applications, some of which can be decided administratively, and others which require City Council, Planning Commission, Board of Adjustment and Historic Preservation Commission action.

Land Use Application Types & Review Authority

Application Type Decision Body
Annexation – City Initiated City Council
Annexation – Voluntary City Council
Appeal – Board of Adjustment Application City Council
Appeal – Building Official Decision City Council
Appeal – Hardship Relief Decision to Council City Council
Appeal – Minor Site Plan to the Planning & Zoning Commission City Council
Appeal – Planning & Zoning Commission Decision to Council City Council
Appeal – Planning Administrative Decision Board of Adjustment
Appeal – Building Official Decision Board of Appeals
Board of Adjustment Variance Application Board of Adjustment
Certificate of Appropriateness / No Effect Historic Preservation Commission
CLOMR/LOMR Administrative Approval
Comprehensive Sign Plan Planning and Zoning Commission
Conditional Use Permit  Planning and Zoning Commission
Development Agreement City Council
Driveway Authorization Application Planning and Zoning Commission
Evergreen Historic District Contributing Property to Non-Contributing Property Planning and Zoning Commission
Final Landscape Plan Administrative Approval
Final Plat Application City Council
Final Plat Vacation City Council
Flood Plain Determination Request Administrative Approval
General Plan Amendment – Major / Minor Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council
Hardship Relief (HPC) Historic Preservation Commission
Historic Landmark Sign Designation Historic Preservation Commission
Housing Product Planning and Zoning Commission
Legal Non-Conforming Use Determination Administrative Approval
Local Historic Landmark or Historic District Historic Preservation Commission
Major Site Plan/ Final Development Plan Planning and Zoning Commission
Map of Dedication/ROW and Easement Dedication City Council
Medical Marijuana Zoning Verification Application Planning and Zoning Commission
Minor Amendment to Major Site Plan Planning Director and Planning Commission Chair
Minor Site Plan Administrative Approval
PAD Zoning & Preliminary Development Plan (Initial and Major Amendments) Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council
Preliminary Plat Planning and Zoning Commission
Preliminary Plat – Extension Planning and Zoning Commission
Resubdivision Final Plat Application City Council
Resubdivision Preliminary Plat Application City Council
Right of Way/Easement – Abandonment City Council
Special Use Permit (BOA) Board of Adjustment
Street Name Change City Council
Temporary Use Permit – BOA Approval Board of Adjustment
Variance to Landscape Requirements Board of Adjustment
Variance to Subdivision Design Standards (CC) Board of Adjustment
Zone Change Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council
Zoning Compliance Letter Administrative Approval

Pre-application Process

Applicants are encouraged to meet with Planning Staff to discuss their proposed developments.  The City also offers a more structured Development Team Meeting for applicants who have conceptual plans for their project.  Each Planner & Review Engineer is assigned a specific geographical area they are responsible for, please contact the Planner or Review Engineer for the area where your project is located.

Development Team Meetings Requirements

Contact Ana Woodward, Development Center Secretary to schedule a Development Team Meeting.

No fee required for Pre-application or Development Team Meetings.

Development Team Meeting Request Procedures

Planner/Engineer Meeting Request Form

Review Timeframes

Review Timeframes for Land Use Applications DSA’s

Regulatory Bill of Rights Third Review Authorization