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Casa Grande Municipal Airport

The Casa Grande Municipal Airport (CGZ) is owned and operated by the City of Casa Grande and occupies approximately 640 acres. It provides a world-class fuel product to its customers at an affordable price. The airport staff maintains the airport owned buildings, lighting, and property, providing a safe environment for all of its customers. The Casa Grande Municipal Airport (CGZ) is located south and west of Interstate 10 and west of Arizona Highway 387 and hosts several aviation events between December and April.

The Casa Grande Municipal Airport offers many amenities and benefits, including:

  • Non-towered air space
  • Easy access to airport
  • Plenty of ramp space
  • Close to casinos/shopping
  • No landing fees

Casa Grande Municipal Airport Mission Statement

The mission of the Casa Grande Municipal Airport is to provide a safe efficient airport, and to support upgrades and additions to accommodate future growth.

Information for Pilots


WX/AWOS-3:132.175 (520)836-3392
VOR:TFD 114.80
APCH/DEP: ABQ ARTCC 125.4/269.3
Airport: (520)426-3616

For information on the runway, pavement, runway protection zones, approaches, hangars, and the terminal click here.

Is there a restaurant on the airfield?2020-10-19T15:14:20-07:00

The airport does not currently have a Café operator.

Is there a flight school on the airfield?2018-06-11T08:41:23-07:00

We currently do not have any flight schools based locally at our airport.

Are there plane maintenance services on the airfield?2018-02-06T10:42:28-07:00

Yes, there are 2 General Aviation Maintenance facilities on the Airfield:

  • Dogbone Aviation – Steve Hartwell – (602) 882-1940
  • The Plane Man – Merle Forsythe – (520) 431-1433
Does the airport have a negotiated rate with any hotels in Casa Grande?2017-08-10T23:19:11-07:00

The airport does not have any discounted rates with hotels.

Are there any hotels in Casa Grande who provide Shuttle Service?2017-08-10T23:18:07-07:00

No hotels in the Casa Grande area provides shuttle services to the airport.

Does the airport have Rental Cars?2020-10-19T15:15:25-07:00

You will need to call the rental car service of your choice directly:

  • Enterprise (520) 836-9050
How do I set up after-hours, and is there a Fee?2017-08-10T23:16:00-07:00

After-Hours services can be arranged by calling the Airport Terminal Desk at (520) 436-3616. Leave a detailed message if necessary.  The After-Hours Fee is $150 for the first two hours and $75 for every hour thereafter.  (Public Safety Operations are exempt from the After-Hours Fee)

What is the after-hours phone number?2017-08-10T23:14:42-07:00

The after-hours phone number is 520-251-3366.

Can I reach Flight Service from the ground?2017-08-10T23:13:28-07:00

No, you cannot reach Flight Service from the ground. You can call Flight Service on a landline or cell phone from the ground, but, if you are communicating over the on-board radio, you will need to call after takeoff at altitude.

Does the Airport have Ramp Parking and/or Overnight Fee’s2017-08-10T23:10:54-07:00

Please refer to the City’s Fee Schedule for updated fees.

Does the Airport have Landing Fee’s?2017-08-10T23:09:58-07:00

No, the airport does not charge landing fees.

What is the Length of your Runway?2017-08-10T23:09:19-07:00

The existing Runway 05-23 is 5,200 feet in length and 100 feet wide. Beginning at the Runway 5 threshold, the runway slopes uphill from an elevation of 1445 to an elevation of 1462 at the runway 23 threshold. This location is the high point of the runway.

What are your current Fuel Prices?2017-08-16T20:47:45-07:00

Please refer to AirNav for updated fuel prices.

Do you have a Crew Car, or Taxi Services?2017-08-10T23:07:00-07:00

No, the airport does not supply a taxi service. However, there are a number of Taxi operations in the local area of Casa Grande, in addition to Lyft and Uber drivers.

Why fly CGZ?2017-07-05T21:41:04-07:00
  • Non-towered
  • Easy access to airport
  • Plenty of ramp space
  • Close to casinos/shopping
  • No landing fees

Casa Grande Municipal Airport News and Updates

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Airport Manager
David Reffner

Casa Grande Municipal Airport
3225 N. Lear Ave.
Casa Grande, AZ 85122

(520) 426-3616


To find more contact info visit the Directory Page.

Airport Terminal
Monday – Sunday
6:00 am – 4:00 pm

The Airport Advisory Board has advisory and oversight responsibilities for policies, fees, and general operations at the Casa Grande Municipal Airport.

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