Located just 40 minutes from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport the PhoenixMart project is the anchor for a 585 acre master-planned development that will consist of showrooms, office space, warehousing, condominiums, five-star resort & spa, resort amenities, single-family homes, retail shopping and dining, corporate office complex, parks, entertainment, as well as additional services and amenities.

Slated to open in 2019, PhoenixMart is North America’s most complete global product marketplace – offering millions of products and thousands of showroom suites in a modern merchandise mart setting, featuring a Business-to-Business buying and selling experience for finished goods and products, raw materials, and supplies.

Over this past year significant construction-related progress has been made including:

· Over 1,000 footings and piers have been poured in order to support the massive structure.

· Approximately 35,000 cubic yards of concrete has been poured, comprising tilt-walls and the slab on grade.

· The vast majority of the 7,334 tons of steel has been fabricated and erected.

· 174 tilt-wall panels measuring 24’x 33’, have been raised in order to complete the building shell and roof deck.

· Over 25,000 feet of underground sewer pipe and 1,480,265 ft. of underground wiring have been laid.

· The construction of the structural steel on the south end of the building, including all eight masonry towers has been completed. These eight towers act as the main structural base for the main entry tower features, giving the entry its grand and inviting presence on the South side of the building. They also serve as anchors for the structural steel roof, front entry, steel and concrete stairways for egress to the Mezzanine Level to the ground floor as well as the structural shafts for all the elevators that will service the Mezzanine Level and house all the elevator equipment.

· The setting of all of the columns for the roof structure; the tie-in and setting of the last of the girders and joist to finish placing the last of the roof deck.

· Throughout this period there were numerous structural special inspections conducted in order to confirm that the building is being built per plans and specifications.


In the ensuing months, there will be a myriad of work performed on and around the building, including:

· The completion of exterior facewall elevations

· The installation of entry facades, glass, and doorways

· The installation of roofing and flashings

· The installation of perimeter sidewalks, curbs, parking lots configurations, and parking lot lighting

· Infrastructure installations completed (water and sewer piping from connections)

· The installation of interior electrical, plumbing, mechanical and sprinkler assemblies

· The installation of interior wall, ceiling finishes, suites, bathrooms, power rooms, loading dock, and offices

For more information please visit PhoenixMart.com