Mission Statement

The mission of the Casa Grande Police Department is to protect, serve, and sustain supporting partnerships with the community.

Vision Statement

The Casa Grande Police Department is a leading, progressive, and unified agency of highly trained professionals who inspire excellence within law enforcement and partner with all people to protect, serve and create a safe community.

Core Values

  • Caring: Concern for others
  • Courageous: The strength to venture, persevere, and withstand difficulty
  • Honest: Doing what is right
  • Accountable: Taking ownership for your actions
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Deputy Chief Angel Leos oversees the Patrol Division. Deputy Chief Leos is a 30-year Arizona Law Enforcement veteran.

The Patrol Division is responsible for police response to calls for assistance and proactive enforcement of state and city statutes 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.


The Casa Grande Police Department patrols the city in five districts. Each Patrol Team is staffed with one Sergeant, one Corporal, and Police Officers.

Patrol Officers work proactively to identify problems within their district and develop and implement solutions for these problems.

Community Response Team

The Community Response Team is comprised of one Sergeant and several Patrol Officers who are tasked with special assignments designated by the Chief of Police and the Patrol Commander. This team is responsible for managing and resolving high-profile and recurring crime issues in business districts and neighborhoods.

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Pet License

Spay / Neutered

  • Cats - $10
  • Dogs - $15

Unaltered Pet

  • Cats - $20
  • Dogs - $30

Adoption Fees

  • Cats - $50 to $70
  • Dogs - $120 to $150

Charges include Spay / Neutering, first-year vaccinations, Microchipping, and first-year Licensing. Ask about our Senior's Discount.

For all fees visit the City Fee Schedule.