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Animal Care and Adoption2021-01-04T18:57:07-07:00

Animal Care and Adoption Center

The Casa Grande Animal Care & Adoption Center operates an animal care facility to provide vital care for animals.  Some of the services provided by the Animal Care and Adoption Center include:

  • Adoption services
  • Dog/cat licensing
  • Microchips
  • Rabies vaccinations
  • Shelter for lost and stray animals

Animal Licensing

All dogs and cats kept in the city are required to be licensed with the City of Casa Grande if over four months of age. Here are the requirements to obtain a license.

  • Before a license is issued for any dog or cat, the owner must present a rabies vaccination certificate, signed by a veterinarian, stating the owner’s name, address, dog or cat description, date of vaccination, type, manufacturer, vaccine serial number, and re-vaccination date.
  • Licenses can be purchased at City Hall Building B, located at 510 E. Florence Blvd., Casa Grande AZ 85122
  • In order to help residents comply with the law, Low Cost License and Vaccine Clinics are hosted twice per year
  • Discounts are available for senior citizens

Report Animal Control Issue

This form is used to report an incident not a lost pet. To search for all animals at the Animal Care and Adoption Center in real-time, please visit:

Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Does the City of Casa Grande have their own Animal Control?2017-07-31T23:59:13-07:00

Yes! We are located at 202 E 1st Ave, our phone number is 520-426-9300 we have a beautiful facility with animals for adoption. When calling The Casa Grande Animal Care and Adoption Center you must leave a message and we will return your call as quickly as possible.

I found a stray and Animal Control is closed what should I do?2017-07-31T23:58:31-07:00

Animal Control has a stray island drop off area located on Main Avenue. If you find a stray animal bring it down to the stray island, place the animal in a kennel and lock the kennel door. There are forms attached to the kennel doors to leave information i.e. your name where and when you found the animal. We do not allow feral cats or owned animals to be placed in the drop-off area this is for strays only.

There are a lot of stray cats in my neighborhood, what can be done?2017-07-31T23:57:10-07:00

We do not encourage feeding the stray cats as we like to say at animal control “if you feed them they will come and bring friends”. We do not respond to cats at large but have live traps available to rent or, we recommend that you purchase one at a local business. You can trap Sunday night thru Thursday night provided there are no holidays that fall on those days. When you have trapped a cat simply call Animal Control, leave a message telling us that you have trapped a cat, give your name address and phone number and we will pick up the cat with no charge. We require you to shut down traps by7:00 am during the warm summer months and by 10:00 am during the cooler months.

I need to spay/neuter my pet do you have any programs for this?2017-07-31T23:55:27-07:00

Yes! The City of Casa Grande has a low-cost spay/neuter program available and at times other programs are available. Contact Animal Control and we will be happy to give you the options available.

The Benefits of spaying or neutering your pet are numerous such as living longer healthier lives, preventing cancer, less likely to roam, possibly better behavior and much more. You can learn more by visiting

My dog has some bad behaviors, what can I do?2017-07-31T23:54:44-07:00

Bad behaviors can result from many things such as boredom, lack of training, separation anxiety, health issues and much more. If a behavior pops up suddenly and is not a normal behavior for your pet, check with your veterinarian to make sure a health issue is not the cause. Obedience training is another great way to curb unwanted behaviors. Check online for local classes. The internet offers many different ideas and tips for do-it-yourself training to help you change those behaviors.

I can’t keep my pet can I bring it to Animal Control?2017-07-31T23:53:24-07:00

Due to a large number of strays that are brought to animal control every month, we are limited to the number of owned animals we can take in. Though we try to accommodate as much as possible you may want to look other places to rehome your pet. You can utilize the local newspaper or social media to place an ad. You can also check with a rescue, you can find many online. When turning over an owned animal to Animal Control there is a fee to surrender an animal.

My dog gets out of my yard, what can I do?2017-07-31T23:52:29-07:00

Dogs can get out of yards by jumping, digging, breaking through old fencing or simply walking through an unclosed gate. Some ways to prevent this from happening: be sure that you do not have things close to the fence that a dog can get up on then jump the fence such as tables landscape or unwanted items. Check your fencing regularly for any breaks, looseness or holes. If your dog is a digger you may need to bury some fencing under the ground to stop your dog from escaping. If you have gates that open easily or are hard to keep shut you may need to put a lock on them so that your pet is secure. Your local Animal Control Officers have seen many ideas about keeping your animals home safe, give them a call they are happy to help.

Can I let my dog run free in the parks or desert areas?2017-07-31T23:51:14-07:00

We have a beautiful dog park located near Rodeo Rd. and Pinal Ave. this is the only park within the city where dogs can run off leash. The city ordinances and state laws do not allow for a dog to be at large. All dogs are to be restrained by a leash or enclosure.

How many pets can I have, can I get a kennel license in the city?2017-07-31T23:50:37-07:00

We do not issue kennel licenses in the city of Casa Grande, making 4 pets the limit within the city.

Do I need to get my pet vaccinated and licensed?2017-07-31T23:49:18-07:00

Yes, the city of Casa Grande requires all dogs and cats to be Rabies vaccinated and licensed. There are many low-cost vaccine clinic opportunities, Contact Animal Control for information on clinics. Or visit your local veterinarian. To purchase your pet’s license, bring your rabies certificate to the city finance department or Animal Control. We encourage you to seek the advice of your veterinarian on other vaccines available. Although we believe some to be very beneficial this is a decision for you and your veterinarian to make.

My dog always knocks over his/her water, what can I do?2017-07-31T23:47:48-07:00

We are required to have potable water (drinkable water) at all times for our pets. Some tips to help with the dog who loves to tip over the water to lay in it, try using a wide base container that is more difficult to tip. Dig a hole just large enough to set a plastic bucket inside so that they can’t tip it over. We have also seen buckets set inside of a square brick making it difficult for the dog to tip the bucket. Try having a kiddy pool along with a separate drinking water bucket so they can get in to cool off. In the Arizona sun, a metal container will quickly heat your pet’s water causing your pet not to drink even though it is there. A 10 percent loss of body water can cause serious illness in an animal so whatever trick works for your pet is worth the effort.

My dog has a dog house is that enough shade for him/her?2017-07-31T23:46:34-07:00

The inside of a doghouse in the Arizona sun gets very hot, it is important to have available shade outside of the doghouse where your dog can rest. Your dog may use the dog house if that is the only shade available but remember they can be much more sensitive to heat than you. Check the temperature inside the doghouse.

What happens with my pet if he/she bites someone?2017-07-31T23:42:37-07:00

Whenever a dog or cat bites someone and breaks skin it must be quarantined for ten days. The location of the quarantine is determined by many things, such as; is the animal rabies vaccinated and licensed, was the animal at large when it bit someone, has the animal bitten before, is there a secure location to quarantine the animal. Your local Animal Control officer will work with you to determine what is the safest location for your pet to be quarantined.

What to do if a dog or cat bites someone?2017-06-23T19:04:21-07:00

Whenever a dog or cat bites any person, the incident shall be reported to the Police Department or Animal Control Officer immediately by any person having knowledge of the bite.

Does disturbing the peace apply to pets?2017-07-31T23:44:07-07:00

Yes, it is unlawful to harbor or keep any animals which disturb the peace by loud noises at any time day or night.

Standard used to determine if barking disturbs the peace: “Our inquiry must determine whether the noise would disturb a person of ordinary sensitivities; that is … not merely because it offends some super sensitive or hypercritical individual, but because it is, by its nature, of a sort that is a substantial interference with (our old friend) the reasonable man.” Arizona Court of Appeals in State v. Singer, 945 P.2d 359 (1997).

More information to help with barking dogs

Many things can get a dog barking. Is the dog barking only at certain times? Is there a lot of foot traffic near your area? Is the dog in distress? You may want to talk with your neighbor, they may be unaware that the dog is creating a problem with its barking. Sometimes people unintentionally become complacent and don’t realize that it may be bothering others. You can also Contact Animal Control and we can do a knock and talk with the pet owner to assist you.

How dangerous can the summer heat be for pets?2017-07-31T23:45:54-07:00

Heatstroke is a leading cause of summer pet deaths. On a warm day, the temperature inside your car can reach 160 degrees in a matter of minutes-even with the windows partially open. Pets don’t perspire like humans, they pant to cool off. With only hot air to breathe (enclosed car) pets can quickly suffer brain damage or die from heatstroke.

Walking your dog in the heat of the day can cause very painful burns that can take weeks to heal. sidewalks can reach more than 150 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. Walk your dog in the early morning or later in the evening, Temperatures above 90 degrees are too hot for walking.

Some rules to follow:

1. Never leave your pet in an enclosed space. Like a car or a plastic kennel.

2. Always make sure your pet has plenty of shade and fresh water.

3. Keep geriatric, overweight and short nosed dogs i.e. (Bulldogs, pugs, Pekinese, Boston terriers) in the A/C These types of dogs are more sensitive to the heat.

4. Seek immediate medical attention if your pet shows any signs of heat stroke such as excessive panting/ drooling, bright red gums, vomiting and/ or diarrhea, lethargy or stupor/ loss of balance, loss of consciousness, seizure or collapse.

What to do if your cat or dog is missing?2017-07-31T23:48:39-07:00

Contact the Animal Control Department as soon as possible and leave your name, address, home phone number, work phone number, and a description of your animal.

Search the area near your home. Post signs in your area and post on local social media to help get the word out that your pet is lost.

Remember, you are your pet’s best friend. Provide identification. If your pet ever does get loose, the license can help ensure a safe return. A cat or dog picked up and placed in the City Animal Control

Impound Facility that is not wearing a current license is deemed unowned. An unowned animal or “stray” is held for 72 hours (three days) and is then open for adoption.

Animal Care News and Updates

Search Adoptable and lost Pets
Animal Care and Adoption Center
202 E. First Avenue
Casa Grande, AZ

(520) 426-9300

To find more contact info, visit the Directory Page.

Regular Hours

Monday – Saturday
8:00 am – 6:00 pm

Closed Sundays

Please call (520) 426-9300 and leave a message and staff will return your call as soon as possible.

Cat and Dog Adoption – $10.00

(plus cost to spray/neuter and vaccinations)

One Year Cat License – $10.00

One Year Dog License – $15.00

For all fees visit the City Fee Schedule.

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