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  • Make sure your pool or spa has an effective barrier, such as a fence to help guard against unauthorized access.
  • Your pool or spa should have a barrier regardless of whether they are covered.
  • Door and windows leading to the pool areas should be locked.
  • Fence gates should have self-closing, self-latching mechanisms. Latches need to be out of reach of young children.


  • Never leave your child unattended in or near a swimming pool, hot tub, spa, not even for a second.
  • Keep toys, tricycles, and other children’s play things away from the pool or spa.
  • Don’t consider your children to be “drown-proof because they have taken swimming lessons.
  • Don’t allow barriers, such as fences or walls, give you a false sense of security regarding your child’s safety.


  • Learn how to administer CPR, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, and other lifesaving techniques. To administer CPR correctly you must be properly trained.
  • Know how to contact your local emergency medical services. Install a phone or keep a cordless phone in the pool or spa area. Post the emergency number in an easy to see place.
  • Learn to swim and teach age appropriate children to swim.

Adult supervision is the best approach in the prevention of drowning!

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If you live in Casa Grande and would like a pool safety inspection performed on your property, please contact the Development Center (520) 421-8630 ext 3111.