Public Safety Communication Division

//Public Safety Communication Division

The Public Safety Communications of the police department provides the personnel that links the public with the sworn officers in the field. The division has sixteen full-time Public Safety Clerk positions whose functions include 911 operator, public safety dispatcher, records clerk, receptionists, secretary, and supervisor. The Public Safety Communications is currently under the command of Mike Brashier (Email Mike).

Civilian personnel is most often the first line of communications with the general public, whether handling “walk-in” citizens requests for service or answering 911 emergency calls for both the Police Department and Fire Department. Civilian employees classify and prioritize the calls for service, dispatch officers as needed, record dispositions of calls, then handle the follow-up paperwork. The follow-up work consists of data entry into the department’s computer system, the filing of reports, and transferring reports to related agencies and entities such as prosecutors, courts, and insurance companies.

Public Safety Dispatchers (911 Operators) attend to incoming calls on seven phone lines, seven 911 lines, and one silent witness line. They must also enter all calls for service into the police computer to dispatch the calls. Other duties required of this position include; fulfilling records requests, processing and filing incoming paperwork, data entry of all citations and police reports into the computer system, criminal history inquiries in the State’s crime computer, submitting fingerprints through the State’s automated fingerprint identification system, and numerous other tasks to keep the internal operation of the department organized and efficient.

Supervisors in the division perform as “working supervisors”, doing one of the above jobs in addition to assisting with scheduling, completing employee evaluations, supervising civilian employees, and completing projects assigned by the commander.

When not assigned as a 911 Operator or Public Safety Dispatcher, the Public Safety Clerks function as records clerks assisting in the records duties. These duties include; forwarding reports to other criminal justice agencies, preparing statistical information, uniform crime reporting to the State of Arizona and FBI, and other secretarial duties for the Chief of Police and his three division commanders.