Since October 2015, the City of Casa Grande has implemented an improved program to help reduce the number of false alarms and recover the costs of law enforcement responding to them. In addition to alarm registration and assessment, this program will offer enhanced call verification to ensure alarm activations receive the appropriate police response.

Under the improved False Alarm Reduction Program, Casa Grande residents and businesses will continue to be required to register their alarm systems annually. The cost to register an alarm remains $10. All alarm owners will be contacted to register for this program, either directly or through their alarm provider. All alarm owners must register their alarms, even if they have previously registered directly with the City of Casa Grande.

Click here to register your alarm online.

Administered through a contract with Public Safety Corporation, the False Alarm Reduction Program will track and assess the incidence of false alarms from any one property. In cases where police respond to three or more false alarms per year, the registered alarm user will face a series of graduated fines, ranging from $50 to $150 for each violation. Excessive repeated false alarms (five or more in a year) may result in revocation of an alarm permit, which means that law enforcement will no longer respond to alarm calls at that location. Proof will then have to be provided to the police that corrective measures have been taken to prevent false alarm reoccurrence.

For more information about the False Alarm Reduction Program or to register your alarm, click here. or call 1-855-905-0605 between 9am and 5pm.

For more information about the law enforcement response to alarm calls, contact the Casa Grande Police Department at 520-421-8711 ext. 6350.