Regulatory Bill of Rights Directory of Documents

Codes, Ordinances, Plans and Substantive Policy Statements

1. Codes & Ordinances

a. Casa Grande City Code, including, but not limited to:

1) Title 15 – Buildings & Construction

These codes and amendments thereof are also available for review at the Development Center:

Quick Codes Reference

g. 2012 ICC Amendments

h. 2011 NEC is available for review at the Development Center

2) Title 16 – Subdivisions

3) Title 17 – Zoning Regulations

b. Casa Grande Sign CodeOrdinance 583 (including all amendments thereto)

c. Residential Design Standards for Planned Area Developments (PAD) – Ordinance 1397.17.22.1

d. Approved PAD Guides/Preliminary Development Plans

e. Casa Grande Adult Entertainment Regulations – Ordinance 1397.05.2

f. Evergreen Local Historic District – Resolution 3461

2. Plans

a. General PlanGeneral Plan Map – Resolution 4360

b. Small Area Transportation Study

c. Casa Grande Municipal Airport Master Plan

d. Casa Grande Multi-modal Transportation Study – 2001 – This study is available for review at the North Operations Center

e. Casa Grande Regional Trail System Master Plan – 2007

f. Standard Specifications and Details for Park Development – 2008

g. Casa Grande Mountain Recreation Master Plan

h. Master Drainage Study – 1987

i. Reclaimed Water Use Master Plan

j. Wastewater Master Plan: Final Interceptor Model Sewer Report 2014

k. Historic Preservation Design Guidelines

3. Policy Documents

a. Public Works Pavement Cross-section Requirements

b. Engineering Standard Design & Construction Notes – 4/30/09

c. Control Network Report and Control Network Monuments

d. Public Works Trash Enclosure Standards

e. Street Naming and Addressing Procedures

f. Building Code Interpretations and Policy Decisions – available for review at the Development Center

g. Zoning Code Interpretations, Similar Use Rulings and Policy Decisions – available for review at the Development Center

h. Legal Non-Conforming Use Determinations

Drake Recycling Center, 846 W. Cottonwood Lane

Casita Verde RV Park, 88 N. Hacienda Rd.

i. Historic Property Inventory


Review Time Frames

a. Completeness and Substantive Review Timeframes for Land Use Projects (DSA’S)

b. Completeness and Substantive Review Timeframes for Permits (CDP’S)


Review and Appeal Processes

a. Administrative Completeness Review Process

b. Substantive Review Process – Administratively Reviewed Projects

c. Substantive Review Process – Non Administratively Reviewed Projects

d. Planning Commission Public Hearing Process

e. Board of Adjustment Hearing Process

f. City Council Hearing Process