Stormwater Management Program

Stormwater Management Program (SWMP)

Due to the size of our population, the City of Casa Grande is required to conform to permit requirements for small municipal separate storm sewer systems (MS4 permit.)

In accordance with the MS4 permit, we recently created and implemented an SWMP intended to eliminate discharges of pollutants which may be transported by stormwater runoff. This program will maintain and enforce Minimum Control Measures to ensure compliance with the permit. The City’s plan is available for download at the link below.

This plan includes the City’s inspection of construction sites for compliance to prevent contamination, primarily from soil erosion. Inspections of illegal dumping of wastes that can impact our Stormwater is also an important function of City staff. Education of the public and local businesses on stormwater pollution controls is another significant function of the City under our program.

Stormwater is considered any precipitation that falls from the sky in our desert southwest environment, this is primarily in the form of rainfall. Stormwater runoff is generated from events that cause water to flow over land and other impervious surfaces that do not allow the liquid to soak into the ground. As this runoff water travels it picks up pollutants such as chemicals, oils, debris, as well as soil and sediment. These contaminated flows can then enter washes, streams, and retention basins. These contaminants can pose a threat to wildlife and ultimately penetrate into our groundwater water supplies. Therefore controlling contamination to runoff is essential to maintaining our vital resources.

As a resident of Casa Grande, there are many things that you can do to protect our water resources! Proper maintenance of your vehicles to repair and prevent fluid leaks is highly important; washing your vehicles at car washes also prevents runoff of contaminants. Application of proper amounts of fertilizers plants and lawns minimizes runoff of these chemicals to the system. Proper disposal of pet waste and liter are also ways to prevent contamination. These are all simple measures you can take to maintain our waterways and groundwater resources.

For questions, or to report illegal dumping or discharges into streets, storm drains or washes, please call (520) 421-8625, or notify code enforcement by submitting an online complaint.