Traffic signals at the intersection of McCartney Rd. and Peart Rd.

On Monday, October 7, 2019, the City of Casa Grande City Council approved the installation of traffic signals at the intersection of McCartney Rd. and Peart Rd.  Due to the westbound leg of the intersection only having one lane and no dedicated turn lanes, travelers feel there will be a back-up of west-bound traffic. The issue noted is: a vehicle attempting to turn left will block the cars behind and cause a backup. To remedy this potential problem, the City Traffic Engineer has created the attached simulation to demonstrate the signal timing plan for the traffic signal. The simulation indicates that while the north and southbound traffic signals will act normally and allow flows of traffic at the same time, the east and westbound signals will alternate. Traffic back-ups will be prevented as westbound drivers will not have to wait for a free space to turn left—thus allowing a constant flow of traffic to travel west on McCartney while the signal is green.