Community Development & Grants

Mission Statement

The mission of the Community Development Division is to provide administrative, professional, and technical support for grant activities citywide. 

Community Development Block Grant

The City of Casa Grande receives the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) from the Office of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). This grant funds eligible activities that benefit the low to moderate-income population or areas within the City limits.  The CDBG Program’s aim is to create a viable community by providing decent and affordable housing, suitable living environments, and creating jobs.  

Projects under the CDBG program must address one of three national objectives established by HUD. 

These National Objectives Are: 

  1. Low Mod Benefit: The activity must benefit low and moderate-income persons.
  2. Prevention or Elimination of Slums or Blight: The activity must aid in the prevention or elimination of slums or blight: example projects – demolition and clearance, downtown redevelopment plan, code enforcement, and commercial rehabilitation.
  3. Urgent Need: The activity meets other community development needs having particular urgency, which poses a serious and immediate threat to the health or welfare of the community. Example projects – demolition and clearance, commercial rehabilitation, and housing rehabilitation. 

Activities Benefiting Low to Moderate-Income Persons: 

  • Area-wide Benefit – benefits low to moderate-income persons residing in an area where 51% of the residents are considered low to moderate-income. Example projects – street paving, youth center, fire station and/or equipment, new water lines, drilling of new water wells, parks, libraries.
  • Limited Clientele Benefit – provides benefits to a target group (as identified by CDBG) that is assumed to be 51% low to moderate income. These target groups are abused children, persons with disabilities, children, elderly persons (age 62+), battered spouses, homeless persons, adults with severe disabilities, illiterate persons, persons living with AIDS, and migrant farm workers. Example projects – senior center, removal of architectural barriers, social service center, literacy training. 
  • Housing – Example projects – owner-occupied housing rehabilitation, for rental housing, occupancy by low and moderate-income households must be at affordable rents, consistent with standards adopted and publicized by the CDBG grantee for determining “affordable  rent” levels.   
  • Job Creation or Retention – economic development assistance, in which the end result creates or retains permanent jobs, at least 51% of which are held by or will be made available to low to moderate-income persons. Example projects – job training and placement for low to moderate-income persons for specific jobs. 

For additional information about the CDBG program, please contact the Community Development Division at 520-421-8670. 

CDBG Documents

Owner-Occupied Housing Rehabilitation Program 

The City of Casa Grande receives Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), State Housing Funds HOME, and other grant funds to provide housing assistance to qualified individuals or families to address health and safety issues. The Housing Division collaborates with County, State, and other agencies to maximize assistance to qualified individuals or families. 

This program is the most valuable tool in our Neighborhood Revitalization efforts; it provides incentives for permanency and property maintenance that, combined with other beautification and infrastructure programs, drastically improve the living environment of our older neighborhoods. 

The application is available below and in person between 8 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday at City Hall. You may also request an application by calling 520-421-8670.  

Learn more about the Owner-Occupied Housing Rehabilitation Program 

The Community Development (Housing) Division Is Responsible for the Following: