Helpful Hints for Trash Collection

Collection Hours

Please place your container out by the curb before 6 am on your scheduled pickup days (or the night before). Due to the large number of containers collected every day, we do not return to pick up containers that were placed out late.

Please remember to remove your container from the curb the same day it is serviced.

Collection Days

Your trash is picked up twice a week on the following days:

  • Monday and Thursday
  • Tuesday and Friday

Helpful Hints for Easy Trash Collection

  • Place your trash container as close to the curb as possible—not on the sidewalk—with the container handle facing your house.
  • Keep the lid on your container closed to reduce the odor and not attract flies.
  • Save space by cutting up brush and other large items before placing them in the container.

Please Do Not

  • Overfill container with brush or other materials. The lid must be closed in order for your container to be serviced.
  • Place garbage on the ground around the container. All garbage must be in the container for pickup.
  • Place hot ashes, cinders, coals or any other burning materials in the container.
  • Fill up your container with concrete, dirt or anything too heavy for our trucks to pick up.
  • Take container with you when you move.
  • Let children play inside or around the container or collection trucks.

Bag & Tie Trash

  • The Sanitation Division would like to remind residents and commercial businesses that bagging and tying garbage and trash reduces fly breeding, unwanted odors, unsanitary conditions, and spillage of materials on roadways. Refuse that needs to be "bagged and tied" includes all waste consisting of food or vegetable matter, animal waste, diapers and grass clippings. In addition to using standard trash bags, plastic grocery bags serve as an easy way and inexpensive way to contain and secure perishable household wastes.
  • Please assist in maintaining a clean and healthy environment by bagging and tying all garbage and grass clippings in plastic bags before placing inside your trash container for collection.

Cleaning Containers

The City does not clean or replace residential containers due to odors. The following is recommended to remove container odors:

  1. Mix half gallon water with half gallon of vinegar
  2. Empty mixed contents into the empty refuse container (be sure to pour the mixture around the sides of the interior container walls)
  3. Use garden hose to rinse the container and tip the container upside down to remove the mixture
  4. Allow container to completely dry if possible before using for refuse disposal