Community Services


1905 N Peart Road
Casa Grande, AZ 85122


Link: Community Services Page

Community Recreation Center Hours

Monday through Friday, 5:15 am to 9 pm
Saturday, 8 am to 4 pm
Closed Sunday

Administrative Office Hours

Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Armstrong, Akina Cart Range Attendant      
Armstrong, Joseph PT Cart Range Attendant    
Baeza, Jr., Ernesto Maintenance Worker      
Barret, Isabella Front Desk Attendant      
Benitez, Nelson Maintenance Worker    
Berg, Anthony Groundskeeper      
Cardenas, John Maintenance Worker    
Cervantes, Jazmin Front Desk Clerk    
Cooper, Michael Home Delivered Meals Driver    
Crawford, Roland Parks Maintenance      
Cruz, Azucena Library Page – Part time    
Dasti, Jerry Senior Maintenance Worker    
Davis, Isaac Lead Cook    
Decker, Dianne Kitchen Aide      
Edwards, Michael Parks Superintendent    
Edwards, Tynette Recreation Program Aide    
Encisco, Amanda Front Desk Clerk    
Flores, Ruben Custodian      
Fornaro, Angela Front Desk Clerk - PTNB    
Gallegos, Daniel Community Services Director    
Gorman, KC Group Fitness Instructor      
Guzman, Samuel Park Ranger      
Henry, Joshua Senior Maintenance Worker    
Hutcherson, Mitzi Library Assistant      
Jimenez, Micaela Home Delivered Meals Driver      
King, Renee Library Assistant    
Lind, Pamela Home Delivered Meals Driver    
Marquez, Raul Crew Leader    
Medrano, Jimmy Groundskeeper      
Mejia, Juan Maintenance Worker – Parks      
Molde, Akina Cart Range Attendant - PTNB      
Morales, Jason Senior Maintenance Worker    
Moreno, Adanary Front Desk Clerk - PTNB    
Myers, Keith PT Cart Range Attendant      
Perez, Jose Torres Groundskeeper    
Perez, Juan Groundskeeper      
Popham, Kelsey Front Desk Clerk    
Reyes, Carlos Maintenance Worker – Parks      
Robledo Ortiz, Ana Front Desk Clerk - PTNB    
Robles, Michael Home Delivered Meals Driver      
Rodriguez, Adrian Front Desk Clerk - PTNB    
Rodriguez, Migueal Senior Maintenance Worker    
Ross, Gilbert Groundskeeper - PTNB    
Salinas, Alejandro Groundskeeper    
Sanders, Kendale Senior Maintenance Worker    
Schumaker, Darcie Front Desk Clerk    
Shuster, Lori Home Delivered Meals Driver    
Solis, Manuel Park Ranger    
Susunkewa, Monique Front Desk Clerk - PTNB    
Tharmalingam, Shoba Front Desk Clerk - PTNB    
Torres, Dylan Groundskeeper    
Walter, Aaron Deputy Community Services Director    
West, Gerald Crew Leader – Parks    
Withrow, Michael Maintenance Worker – Parks      

Dave White Golf Course 

2121 N Thornton Road
Casa Grande, AZ 85122



Monday through Friday
6:45 am to 6 pm

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Barnes, Michael Cart Range Attendant      
Black, Amber Cart Range Attendant      
Lopez, Michael Golf Cart Attendant PTNB      
Lopez, Sheila Pro Shop Attendant      
Miller, Phillip Pro Shop Attendant – PTNB      
Nelson, Penny Pro Shop Attendant      
Porter, Ryan Golf Shop Assistant    
Rivard, Heather Golf Assistant      
Robles, Sarah Cart Range Attendant      
Seaton, Kortney Golf Shop Assistant    
Thornton, Jennifer Golf Shop Manager    
Tucker, Betty Pro Shop Attendant    
Vaage, Joe Cart Range Attendant      
Ybarra, Rebecca Pro Shop Attendant    


1905 N Peart Road
Casa Grande, AZ 85122


Link: Recreation Page


Monday through Friday
8 am to 5 pm

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Addison, Lucy Recreation Program Clerk    
Adsuara, Kalena Recreation Program Aide    
Batina, Jake Lifeguard III      
Ber, Sarah Recreation Program Aide    
Best, Kelly PT Recreation Leader      
Brasch, Heidi Group Fitness Instructor – PTNB      
Brown, Jackeline Group Fitness Instructor    
Divo, Michele Recreation Leader – PTNB      
Felix, Anahi Recreation Program Aide    
Garcia, Hailey Recreation Leader I      
Giuffre, Reece Lifeguard      
Hernandez, Rocio Recreation Leader I      
Holloway, America Recreation Program Clerk – PTNB      
Johns, Raylene Recreation Program Coordinator      
Khan, Sadaf Recreation Program Clerk – PTNB    
Leyva, Solangel Recreation Program Coordinator    
Lopez, Enrique Parks and Recreation      
Marsh, Shay Recreation Leader II      
McLemore, Barry Recreation Leader II Part Time      
McLemore, Clarian Recreation Program Clerk PT      
McLemore, Jiana Recreation Program Clerk PT      
McLemore, Liam Recreation Program Clerk PT      
McQuillen, Stacy Recreation Program Clerk      
Molner, Jeffery Recreation Program Coordinator    
Montijo, Melody Home Delivered Meals Driver      
Mora, Angela Recreation Leader I    
Moya, Breanna Recreation Leader      
Ortiz, Ariana Recreation Program Aide    
Pacheco, Kristen Recreation Leader I PTNB      
Pacheco, Veronica Recreation Leader I      
Peach, Larianne Group Fitness Instructor – PT      
Ryan, Jennet Recreation Leader | PTNB      
Stadler, Nikolina Recreation Program Coordinator    
Sample, Pauline Recreation Program Clerk – PTNB    
Swanson, Lisa Recreation Leader II    
Tinsley, Carrissa Recreation Program Coordinator    
Villar, Carmen Recreation Program Clerk – PTNB    
Wakefield, John Recreation Leader I      
Washington, Brandon Recreation Program Superintendent    
Whipple, Hana Recreation Program Clerk – PTNB      
Zambrano, Kaylyn Recreation Program Clerk PT      

Casa Grande, AZ 85122


Link: Library Page

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Andersen, Julie Librarian    
Applegate, Lori Librarian    
Barajas, Diana Library Assistant    
Brown, David Librarian    
Bryant, Shannon Library Assistant      
Clarke, Vada Library Assistant    
Dittloff, Mary Library Assistant - Part Time      
Downs, Addison Library Page    
Fahey, Kevin Librarian    
James, Alisa Library Page - Part Time    
Kent, Amber Library Manager    
Martinez, Julie Librarian    
Mata, Michelle Library Assistant    
Miller, Jared Library Assistant    
Rennells, Shannon Library Assistant    
Robertson, Elaine Library Assistant      
Sifuentes, Gabriel Library Circulation Supervisor    
Solano, Mary Library Assistant    
Turner, Sarah Library Page    

Dorothy Powell Senior Center 

405 East Sixth Street
Casa Grande, AZ 85122


Senior Meals Program and Transportation: 520-421-8760


Monday through Friday
8 am to 4 pm

Congregate Meals

Monday through Friday
11:30 am to 12 pm