CGFD Volunteers

An essential component of the Fire Department’s operations are the volunteers.  They provide day-to-day administrative services, as well as emergency incident support.

Examples of volunteer duties include:

  • Public Education
  • School presentations
  • Office support
  • Delivery and pick up of supplies and equipment
  • Assist with hydration and food supplies for firefighting personnel at fires and other extended emergency response situations such as fire investigations
  • Assist with the smoke alarm installation program
  • Perform other assigned jobs or services as needed

In addition to our daily operations, volunteers who are interested will be trained and recruited for use as community emergency/disaster response team volunteers.  This program is a nationwide program with local teams all over the country that help teach others how to be prepared in the event of a disaster and, in the event of a disaster, will be called upon to help assist with disaster operations such as damage assessment, water, and food distribution, etc.   The Team members will have training that is meant to give citizens the knowledge to help themselves and the community in the event of a large-scale emergency or disaster.

Volunteer Opportunities

Smoke Detector Installation 2

The Casa Grande Fire Department encourages the use of volunteers as a means of enhancing community interaction with the department, using the skills and abilities of members of the community, increasing community understanding, and enhancing the effectiveness of our workforce. Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer at the Casa Grande Fire Department should contact Suzie Holmes at 520-421-8777, ext 5910.