Building Inspections

The Building Division would like to introduce WebPermits by Selectron for all your inspection scheduling. Everything will remain the same for you except for seeing a different interface. You are now able to use this link to also cancel any future inspections. Cancellations for same-day inspections will have to be called into the office at 520-421-8630.

To request a building inspection, please visit the WebPermits website. The City does not provide same-day inspections unless the inspection is received by 11:59 pm on the inspection date. Inspection requests received after 11:59 pm will be scheduled for the following business day.

If you would like to know a time window of when the inspection will take place, please email Building Inspections no later than 11:59 pm the morning of your inspection. The time window is based on the route of the inspectors.  You will receive a response email with the time window from the inspector.

Schedule a Building Inspection

Instructions for requesting inspections are located on the back of your building permit on the inspection record card, which lists the required inspection areas. Work shall not be concealed prior to obtaining an inspection. Be certain to obtain all inspections necessary to your project listed on the inspection record card.

Production Builders

When requesting a Building Final, you will also be required to add a Planning Final and DC Engineering Final inspection to close out the permit and generate a Certificate of Occupancy.