Helpful Information for Pet Owners

Missing Cats or Dogs

Contact the Animal Control Department as soon as possible and leave your name, address, home phone number, work phone number, and a description of your animal.

Remember, you are your pet's best friend. Provide identification. If your pet ever does get loose, the license can help ensure a safe return. A cat or dog picked up and placed in the City Animal Control Impound Facility that is not wearing a current license is deemed unowned. An unowned animal or "stray" is held for 72 hours (three days) and is then open for adoption. Note: Over 12 million cats and dogs were turned in to animal shelters last year. Only one in ten found a home. If the animal is not adopted at this time, the animal then undergoes a "painless death" (euthanasia).

Pet Licensing

All dogs and cats kept, harbored, or maintained in the City must be licensed if over four months of age. Note: Before a license is issued for any dog or cat, the owner must present a rabies vaccination certificate, signed by a veterinarian, stating the owner's name, address, dog or cat description, date of vaccination, type, manufacturer, vaccine serial number, and revaccination date.

Licenses can be purchased at:

Animal Care and Adoption Center
202 E First Avenue
Casa Grande

Phone: 520-426-9300

Animal Bites

Whenever a dog or cat bites any person, the incident shall be reported to the Police Department or Animal Control Officer immediately by any person having knowledge of the bite.

Housing Standards

It is unlawful to cause or allow any stable, kennel, pet shop, or place where any animal is or may be kept to become unclean or unwholesome. (Please clean up after your own animal on a daily basis.)

Disturbing the Peace Prohibited

It is unlawful to harbor or keep any animals that disturb the peace by loud noises at any time day or night.

Other Useful Information


Choose food suitable for your pet. Ask your veterinarian for advice.


Make sure your pet has lots of clean, fresh water. Change it twice daily.


Provide adequate shelter for your pet from the elements, such as sun, wind, rain, etc. Note: Especially during the summer, adequate shade is essential to your pet's well-being. Also, a clean living area is important to your pet's health and happiness.

Summer Safety

Heatstroke is a leading cause of summer pet deaths. On a warm day, the temperature in your car can reach 160 degrees in a matter of minutes even with the windows partially open. Pets don't perspire like humans, they pant to cool off. With only hot air to breathe (enclosed car) pets can quickly suffer brain damage or die from heatstroke.


Effective training does not happen by accident. Learn how to do it right. Restrain your pet at all times with a leash or keep it behind a fence.

Love & Affection

Pets thrive on the attention of their owners. You'll enjoy the companionship, too.

Learn to obey laws and ordinances regarding your pets.

City Animal Control Code