Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement staff are tasked with the enforcement of various City adopted codes related to zoning, land development, building and public nuisance matters. The code enforcement program is designed to:

  • Ensure that developments are maintained and used in accordance with their City approved plans.
  • Prevent blight and deterioration of neighborhoods.
  • Safeguard the community from dangerous buildings.
  • Maintain quality of life and property values

View a list of common code violations (PDF) that are the responsibility of the Planning Code Enforcement staff. City Code Enforcement staff only have jurisdiction for properties that are located within the Casa Grande City limits. For violations on properties located outside of the City limits please contact Pinal County Development Services or the city in which the property is located.

Persons may file a code violation complaint by the following methods:

  • Complete the City’s Service Request to Report a Code Violation

Code Violation Complaint Instructions

Code violation complaints must include a description of the potential violation (photos are great), and the address or location (in the case of vacant property) of the violation. Persons are encouraged to provide their contact information (name, phone number, email) when filing a code enforcement complaint in order that Code Enforcement staff can follow up with complainants when necessary. However, due to public information laws, this information is required to be released upon receipt of a public information request.

The code enforcement process initially involves an inspection of the property to verify whether a code violation exists. If it is determined that a code violation exists, the property owner and/or tenant is given written notice of the violation and a specific timeframe to come into compliance. If the property owner/tenant fails to bring the violation into compliance the City may pursue civil or criminal charges or the direct abatement of the violation. Sometimes this can be a lengthy process (especially if the person in violation does not voluntarily take care of the problem) so please be patient. If you want an update on the status of the violation you can contact code enforcement staff.