Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is abuse by an intimate partner, spouse, parent, or relative. Domestic violence is against the law. Domestic Violence occurs in many different forms.


Pushing, shoving, shaking, hitting, slapping, choking, kicking, and pinching

Verbal or Emotional

Name-calling, yelling, constant criticism and put-downs, threatening / intimidating, and controlling the victim's activities


Forcing sex on an unwilling partner, demanding sexual acts, forcing uncomfortable sex, and criticizing sexual activity.

Financial Abuse

Withholding money or payments, preventing education and career opportunities, cutting off access to bank accounts, controlling where someone is allowed to work, and preventing access to financial information.

Children Are Affected by Domestic Violence

If a parent is being abused and the children are there to witness the abuse, they may feel scared, confused, and guilty. Talk to your children and let them know that what happened is not their fault and that they will be safe.

In case of an emergency, including acts of violence or threat of physical harm, call 911 or the Casa Grande Police Department at 520-421-8700.

For more information on domestic violence, visit the Arizona Coalition to End Sexual and Domestic Violence website.