Volunteer with the Police Department

The Casa Grande Police Department encourages the use of volunteers and interns as a means of enhancing community interaction with the department, using the skills and abilities of members of the community, increasing community understanding, and enhancing the effectiveness of our workforce. This program will include anyone who donates their time to the department as a volunteer as well as college interns who receive no monetary compensation.

Volunteer Application Process

  1. Complete the volunteer application form and a disclosure statement below.
  2. An interview will be scheduled for you after receiving your completed application and disclosure statement. For this interview, you will need to bring your driver's license and a copy of your auto insurance paperwork.
  3. Following a successful interview, a background check will be conducted on your driving record, as well as a criminal history background check and a reference check. You will be asked to sign a permission form allowing us to conduct these background checks.

Avoid These Common Errors

  • Do not list personal references who have known you for less than five years. Avoid using relatives, supervisors, or neighbors for personal references.
  • Do not omit information from your employment history! Even if you held a job for only one day, we want to know about it. Whether a position you held was brief, seasonal, part-time, worked from your home or a "cash job", please be sure to list it among your employees. Be sure to list complete mailing addresses, telephone numbers, and the name of your immediate supervisor for each position held.
  • Do not fail to list the exact number of times you have tried, used or tested illegal drugs or substances if you have done so. If you do not recall the exact number of times, list a maximum number of times that you feel confident you have not exceeded. Be very sure to include the year or years as well- do not simply state "in high school", "when I was younger", "during college", etc.
  • Do not forget to sign your "Waiver to Release Confidential Information" form. The waiver is useless without your signature.
  • Do not turn in your application until you have had it notarized.
  • Any false, misleading or incomplete information is grounds for disqualification. Information received will be verified.

Volunteer Forms