We are ready to hire! Looking for EMTs and Paramedics that want to advance their careers and join the fire service. Casa Grande Fire Department strives to provide the highest level of public safety services to our community. We pride ourselves on protecting lives and property through fire suppression, emergency medical services, fire prevention, and public education. We are a diverse team of lifesaving professionals, and if you would like to join our team, learn how to apply today!  Please take a look at our recruitment flyer.

Firefighters respond to fire alarms and operate all types of fire operation and rescue equipment including, but not limited to, ladders, saws, extrication and stabilization equipment, forcible entry tools, hoselines, aerial ladder equipment and emergency medical equipment. Perform search and rescue of individuals in hazardous environments including collapsed buildings, auto accidents, gas system leaks, hazardous material spills and confined spaces. Respond to emergency medical calls and analyze patient needs to administer advance emergency medical services.